FerryScan Booking Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 22 July 2019

What FerryScan Offers

FerryScan provides information on trips and allows booking through partners (“ferry operators”) whom we have agreements with. We do our best to ensure the information on our site is accurate, but we depend on our partners for some of the information you may find and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content on our site.

Payment Terms

We use an external payment provider, Stripe Inc., who works with service providers “predominantly located in the European Union and the United States of America.” You can read more about their privacy policy (https://stripe.com/privacy#global-privacy-policy--worldwide) and sub processor list (https://stripe.com/sub-processors/legal). If you are located in an EU or EEA country, your payment will be processed by “Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd.”

In the event of a refund, we will refund through our payment provider to your credit/debit card from which you originally paid.

When you make a booking on our site, we will initially only authorize ("place a hold") the funds until the booking is confirmed with the Ferry operator. Only when your booking has been confirmed with the Ferry operator, will we charge your credit card ("capture") the full amount of the journey.

Ticket Changes and Modifications

In regards to ticket modifications and/or cancellations, please understand that you are bound by the terms of the Ferry operator for your sailing. Please check the information below for the Ticket Changes and Modifications fees and/or terms for the provider you booked with.

Operator Terms and Conditions
Finnlines https://www.finnlines.com/ferry-trips/info/conditions-and-regulations/conditions-carriage
St. Peter Line https://stpeterline.com/uslovia-perevozki-kompanii
Eckerö Line https://www.eckeroline.com/terms-of-travel

Correct Information in Your Booking

When you make a booking with us, it is your responsibility to ensure that you enter all the correct information about the passengers in your booking and that this information corresponds with the identification such as an ID card or passport that will use on your journey. Also, some of our trips cross international borders it is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid passport, valid and correct visas, and the appropriate passport validity for all the destinations are traveling to. FerryScan will not be responsible in any way for extra charges, lost time, or inconveniences you may incur from booking a journey you cannot complete.

Governing Law

Any disputes or conflicts that occur between you the “customer” and “us” (Port Zero Ventures LLC d/b/a FerryScan) that cannot be resolved via agreement with us, “FerryScan” will be resolved in the courts of the State of Wisconsin, U.S.A. and by using this website (“FerryScan”) you agree that the courts of Wisconsin will be the relevant jurisdiction for any disputes or conflicts that may arise.

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