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FerryScan is a metasearch engine for Ferries in the Baltic Sea region. We offer a unified search interface across many operators in the Baltic Sea, allowing users to compare schedules and pricing easily. For select operators, we also offer the ability to book journeys directly on FerryScan itself. This page provides an overview of what we support in terms of scheduling, pricing, and booking abilities.

Current Capabilities on FerryScan

Operator Destinations Scheduling1 Pricing2 Booking3
Logo Ahvenanmaa, Helsinki, Lyypekki, Malmö, Tukholma, Turku done done done
Logo Ahvenanmaa, Helsinki, Riika, Tallinna, Tukholma, Turku done clear clear
Logo Ahvenanmaa, Tukholma done clear clear
Logo Ahvenanmaa, Helsinki, Tallinna, Tukholma, Turku done done clear
Logo Helsinki, Tallinna done clear clear
Logo Helsinki, Tallinna done clear clear
Logo Uumaja, Vaasa done clear clear
Logo Helsinki, Pietari, Tallinna, Tukholma done done done
Logo clear clear clear
Logo clear clear clear

Custom Bookings

We are a traditional sales agent with a number of ferry companies in the Baltic Sea region, and are able to process ferry bookings via email and phone for all of the operators listed on this page.

For these operators, we can work with you to build custom trips, as well as handle group bookings. For more information on this, please contact us.

Custom bookings made by FerryScan are subject to a 10% commission, or 10,00 EUR, whichever is higher, as well as our standard booking terms.

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